education is very important you know why because there is a very big reason if we people who are aware can survive anywhere because knowledge  is strength  it is power it is medicine it is music it is everything but there is very much people who are illetrate and dont even know to write anything but its not their fault but people are not financially able to study and if we will say that there is a government sector which gives us the education but till  12th only if we will  study from the sector till std 12th then there is very rare chances in which a student can pass his exams or tough competitative exams because the kind of education the government provides is very unuseful because from a government sector teaching is the weakest part of the education system because even a teacher dont know how many days are there in a week and that is why there very few childrens and parents who are not financially good they only send their childrens to the government sector because they dont have any other option left so they give the very poor education to their son and daughters .




its important because if you have to stand or you have to change the mindset of todays youth todays generation then there is only one way which is knowledge because if you have money its okay you can give a job who is unemployed but not to the person who is illetrate because knowledge has the capacity of changing whole world and if any have knowledge in todays generation no one can stop him in achiveing good wealth and vision of changing lifes of others who are not educated or somehow they were not able of getting education but sometimes a boy or a girl who is from a middle class family breaks the tag of poor only because he was eager in studying not in working for the others and now with the strenght of knowledge he can change the tag line of a poor family now he have everything wealth respect and all he wanted  but now he will do everything and will inspire others as well .



the  answer can be   yes and no  brcause when its yes it can be the choice of interest because not only studies are the key of making to the wealth and respect there are so many other ways in which we can make everyone proud withouit even knowing what is education but thats kind of tough and will make your life risky its because its one way road you can not take a u turn but those people make it without taking u turn and be the king and the very likeable person they become but in education if its no that means you are intersted and want to make it through studies and make it your passion its always the way you can be whatever you want to be but remember always you can be knowledgble but alwyas be nicer to the person who dont have that much knowledge because they dont have knowledge but they know the truth of the world who is yours they know that .


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