the people who studies pcm and has only one aim in life to become an engineer today if you will see in our country every year there are more than 15 lakh people gets degree of engineering from different branches from all over the country and from different colleges  but do everyone gets job do everyone become rich do everyone becomes an engineer the truth is only very rare degree holders from very best colleges become an engineer  who have knowledge and wealth from engineering so its true that people become an engineer but the question is what about others who do the same thing from a b tech college which is not famous not provides placements nothing but it just makes you an engineer who have a degree from any branch but is it good lets suppose they get a job but will they be what they actually wanted the answer is no never because its impossible to get a very serious package from some college which is not known but they will get a job not in a very best company but in a call centre where they have to work till the boss wants its only because they were not qualified the way they should have qualified .


its because there are so many people who provides degree of engineering from different private colleges but is it the only reason i will say no its because the student is not intrersyted or is forced to do engineering its always been a stereotype that our son our daughter will be an engineer nothing else than this makes the private colleges to make money but not every private colleges but most of them are like this only they are not good at maths physics but has given the load and pressure by their parents to become an engineer do you know in todays generation parents are also the reason why a boy or girl gives his life because of so much pressure who cant make through iit they are sent to private colleges but why they ask to become an engineer from iit its because it has a great package but they forget that my daughter my son is not intersted in it but they force them emotionally and make them ready to do the prepartations  and thus becomes a reason of giving life while doing preparations because its not a cup of spoon .


the one who was very ready from the starting and was asked what to be and the answer was an engineer they are the one whoi makes through iit because once you are sure about anything in life you will make it and its because you will work on it and put great efforts and always be concentrated on you goal and thus you will become what you want to not only an engineer but anything but one thing should be there with you whether you are sure or not whether you are confident or not just always make one goal at a time dont get distracted from so many things just be on one boat dont try to jump on another boat that will not take anywhere else other than make you drown in the river so always be sure about whatever you are going to do . and thus people who are sure about trheir engineering gets a higher package.


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