today population is increasing and its not right for the planet and for the people of earth because if there will be increase in population just like increase in petrol then it will be very disgusting to live on earth and it only happening because the people are not giving attention to the increase of population today it is easy to live but when there will be lots of people  then we will live like ants there will be no place to go not to sit everywhere there will be shortage of everything i am telling about future but you can see in todays life there is so much competition its only because of immense increase in population people should give attention to this because we have to take care of our earth for living without thinking of this today it will look wise good but for the upcoming generation it will be so hard to live on this planet and it will be only because of immense population  but no one is looking for it but they are just seeing it and they remain silent .



look if we see todays youths are very well known people who do everything with a plan which is going to make sure that there is a hope for the earth that there will be a stop on population because we can only see where it is increasing it is rural area because of not awareness regarding  population its also because they don’t take it as an issue but if you will see the educated people are very aware from it and took steps to aware others as well there are so many campain going on for this slowly slowly we will definitely make the people aware that this is not just an issue but it will be a very big problem for the upcoming generation so we will have to take oath to make people aware about this or we will we in danger its not if urban area people are aware they will be safe if rural area people are not because  seventy percent of people are belongs to rural area and that is  why they should be aware about it.



government is very very serious about this issue and they have asked people to take precautions and always have not more than two if they will have more than two they will not get government jobs and if they want they can have jobs only if they have not more than two and government spreading awareness through advertisments and through so many seminars which government employes take they are making our country well known about what is this issue going on and why we need to stop this immense increase and if we will not do it is going to be very very tough for the people who are going to come in future because if you will see the amount of rate of everything is getting so high and the rate of jobs are very low not everyone have a job most of the people are jobless and they are very hard to survive they have to think of everything before doing because they dont have enough sources and that is why it is very important to think about it not twice but as much as we can think we should think on this matter because if we want a healthy and peacefull life we will have to  come forward for this because this issue is being created by us .

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