becoming a youtuber is not very easy and not very tough but what makes someone a youtuber is his one way ticket for the Youtube  because if anyone who is interested in becoming a youtuber he have to make his self not just 100percent sure but 110percent sure because it will ask for your attention your dedication you have to give it the time it requires and the last thing is consistency and interest whatever type of youtuber you want to become it not very easy for someone who has so many things to do and cant not focus on one thing then its not for those people because if you are going to be a youtuber you have to be that much dedicated that when we pray and pray with our whole heart and if anyone who can give it like that type of importance they can become a youtuber very easily .


its because people are not taking youtube seriously and posting very less content and are not posting it on a period of time and they cant get the views and getting and subscribe from their content loving audition and there so many other reason why people give up on youtube very easily because their content is not upto the mark like they are uploading something which is not entertaining and not knowledgeable  people are not getting any kind of knowledge not get entertained so why will anyone will like it give it a thumbs up and  will share it and the main thing is why will they watch it because anyone is coming on your channel there must some good reason its like randomly anyone will come yes they can come but it will not be good for your channel cuz you should maker it very clear about your content and if you cant do that you will give upon youtube as i said its not easy but if you will see then its all your interest and passion so if you are passionate about anything you will not get bored and will provide so much content for your viewers and will not have to gave upon youtube .


only those people make it through youtube who are confident about their content because only content will make you a great youtuber if you have such type of content you will be making through youtube very easily but in todays time everyone wants to be a youtuber which is making it very hard to become a youtuber but there are so many people who are making through youtube just by being passionate about their content and maintains consistency and whatever their content is if they are passionate and knows how to make audition happy they will make it its not those people who are not dedicated and are very lazy and do not concentrate on whatever their content is about its always your content and your love to your work what makes it through youtube  their are so many people who makes it because they were passionate and dedicated about their content .


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